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Hue  is a property of a color , as yellow is a property of a color or red is a property of a color. 

 A visible spectrum wheel shows different hues. The wheel is separated in 360 degrees. It shows different hues at different degrees. For example red is at 0 degrees and orange is at 30. So anything in between is considered a separate hue. You may think that between red and orange there should be 30 hues, corresponding to degrees. In realilty there are more than 30, because some hues can be at 29.9999 degress. So, there are many hues between red and orange.

All hues are located at the edge of the spectrum wheel.

What is a ‘Vybrant Cyan’?

a. 180 degree

b. 220 degress

c. 300 degress

d. 0 degress

To answer that question feel free to browse ColorExplorer and type in the degrees into ‘H’ box. Makes sure that ‘S’ and ‘V’ boxes are at 100.


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