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This is a list of resources and articles covering original artistic techniques.


Iris Scott – finger painting

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This is a useful link on main conceptual ideas of cubism, click here.

For beginners, choose an object and divide it in recognizable shapes, explore it from different point of views.

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Kangin Oleg



Artist Gallery


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TZ Diary

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When you have 255 units of red, 255 units of blue and 255 units of green you obtain white, meaning Light. Once again in real life things are a bit different. Observe a rainbow and you’ll see more than red, green and blue. But for web purposes, white is achieved when all three are combined at their maximum number of units which is 255.

Now what happens if there is zero of red, green or blue? Try it out and you’ll see that with boxes RGB at zero in each you will get black.

This finishes the basics section of our introductory lessons. Now we will explore  grayscale, achromatic colors and value-saturation box in detail.

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